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The Memorial Stones Gallery-Home

 Memorial Stones or Memory Stones, no matter how you say it we specialize in it. Our site is devoted to keeping the memory of your loved ones alive. We carry indoor Memorial stones, garden memorial stones, pictured memorial stones, memorial keepsakes, memorial garden benches and even Pet memorial stones. We have a great selection of Christian memorial stones. Come and find the perfect memorial keepsake.

 Don't let your memories get away!

"Secure them in stone"

The Memorial Stones Gallery can help you make a memory become a treasure, not a burden. Here you will find a great way to keep that treasure forever! The loss of a family member, friend or beloved pet can be a very difficult time in your life. Remember them with our engraved memorial stones.                        

*Keep the memory alive! 

*Our memorial stones make a great gift for grieving family & friends 

*Memorial rocks are a comforting symbol to last a lifetime                      

                “Secure your memories in stone.”

 The Memorial Stones Gallery will help you, or someone you know, keep the memory of those who have gone before us solid as a rock. You will take great comfort in seeing your treasured memorial stones and other memorial keepsakes each day. These engraved memorial stones show others that you are able to heal your loss and continue on, but never forget. Browse through our memorial keepsakes and memorial products today!

Take your time and travel through our selection of beautiful memorial rocks, honoring the friends, family and even pets. The memorial stones and other memorial products are made here in the USA and feature many wonderful religious and inspirational thoughts. Many of the stones are standard size and meant for indoors however, larger monuments and stones can grace a foyer or larger room as well. Any of the larger Garden Accent memorial stones, benches and totems will grace your garden or yard. Pet Memorial stones are available as well. We carry Christian Memorial stones. These stones have a true heart felt meaning in the christian faith. There are also Inspirational Stones that have a beautiful message for all with no intended faith. Our Pictured stones are very popular as they allow you to display a picture with the message for a loving and personal touch.

Our site is committed to help in many ways. We assist schools and organizations with Fund Raising to keep precious programs functioning. These fund raiser memorial stones are essential to offset the burden of costs associated with many activities like sports, clubs, bands and much more! 

Your comments and suggestions are very welcome to help us grow and extend to all faiths and nationalities.

Thank you for shopping with us. We are confident that you will find the perfect memorial or gift to ease some ones sorrow.