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About Us
1938 to 2008
1924 to 2009


             This site was created to stand as a memorial to the people shown above. There are no strangers to the pain felt when you lose a loved one. Our products give great console in the wonderful memorial messages. Our products are made in the USA and are hand picked from the most popular selling stones available. Our staff is always in search of more products to offer our customers. We focus on honoring the memories of those who have passed. We look for stones with christian and standard inspirational thoughts.

                We have incorporated not only the memorial stones but many other helpful tools. Our job here is to constantly look for more and more places where others can find assistance with getting beyond the initial shock of a loss. We have always supported the efforts of family in a time of need. However, there are many occasions where family are not available or are just as devastated and cannot find the strength to assist with the healing process. It is our commitment to reach out to all faiths and nationalities with helpful counseling sites, organizations, churches and funeral arrangement facilities not only on the web but in your local area.

“We hope that you find comfort here and wish you and your family happiness always.”



                To search of products and services to help others to remember their friend or loved one, and move beyond the pain to continue their lives. Never forget the ones we lost. Turn a memory into a treasure not a burden!