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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked questions


1. How long does it take to ship my product? A= Usually a product will leave the factory within 3-5 buisiness days. Except the personalized and custom, you must allow 2-3 weeks.

2. How does my product come? A= Almost all shipments are UPS and have a tracking code for you to check on. Smaller items may be sent postal service.

Care & Cleaning:

1. Is there maintenance that has to be done with these stones? A= NO, all of the cast stones are weather-proofed and sealed. we suggest cleaning the stones occasionally when left outdoors for a better looking memorial.

2. How do I clean the stones? A= Simply soap and water, a soft brush can be used to remove grime frome lettering.

3. Do I need to protect the stones from weather conditions? A= No, all stones are guaranteed to survive in the elements.

4. How do I set the stones when using them at a grave site or memorial site. A= You may set them in a soft concrete mix to keep them from moving then cover the bedding to show just the stone.

Product Questions:

1. What are the ways you can display the stones? A=All the cast stones have a hanger attached to the back to allow for hanging on a fence or building. You may also just lay them into your flower bed or garden. Also: we have stands available for most all of the cast type stones, check out the Accessories section!