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Fund Raiser Application Form


     Thank you for your interest in our “Fund Raiser Program”. We are very excited to begin a wonderful relationship with you. Here are the key features of the program. Upon completion of the information below, a representative from our office will contact you Mid July to discuss the program and answer any of your questions.

  • This is a unique selling opportunity. We are not selling the old stand by of cookies, candy or candles. These are Memorial, Inspirational and Special Occasion Stones. Made of cast stone right here in the USA.
  • All monies are collected up front and deposited to your account. This will avoid not being able to collect later and bounced checks.
  • Program usually lasts 3 to 6 weeks your choice. Longer if you wish
  • You only send us the money for the stones and keep the profits right in your account
  • Upon fund raiser completion each stone will have a special card in them allowing your customers to order those stones through our web site for up to 1 year. You will also be given cards to hand out even if someone does not purchase one now. A % of these orders will sent to you in a check at 3 month intervals. “THAT’S RIGHT” where can you get a fund raiser to continue your income until the next one in a year.
  • All stones are shipped at one time, at the end of the fund raiser. No inventory to buy and store. You get only what you sell.
  • All stones are individually packaged and are marked with the SKU # to identify orders.

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Contact Person:

We look forward to hearing from you!!