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Garden Accent Stones, Benches & Obelisk

Add lasting memories to your yard or garden

A Bereavement gift of memorial garden stones or memorial stone benches

A yard or garden is the perfect place to plant memories. What better way to honor a pet or loved one, than to give their memory a beautiful and tranquil resting place among spring flowers, plants or under your favorite tree. We all enjoy reflecting on our past memories, what better place than at home in a peaceful place. The memorial stone benches give that solid place for a memory to live on forever. All our garden accent stones and benches are made to provide years of comfort in your yard or garden and make a perfect bereavement gift. When you shop our memorial garden stones you'll get an affordable price and quality you can trust. Make us your store for garden accent stones today!

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Our family chain is broken"
"Cats leave pawprints"
"Here lies..."
"In memory of..."
"Wipe your paws"
"It broke my heart to lose you"
"Dogs leave pawprints"
"Those we have held in our arms"
Garden Stone:"Grief is the way we pay"
Garden Or Pet Memorial stone:"In memory of a faithful friend"
"When someone you love becomes a memory"
Garden Or Pet Memorial stone:"Our beloved pet" Dog Bone
Garden and Pet Memorial stone:"Best friend"
Garden Or Pet Memorial stone:"Have you a dog in heaven..."
Garden Or Pet Memorial stone:"Have you a cat in heaven..."
Garden Or Pet Memorial stone:"Here lies a..."/ with leash
Garden Or Pet Memorial stone:"Here lies a..."
Garden Memorial stone (inspirational) "Perhaps the stars in the sky"
Beloved Brother "No farewell words spoken..."
"Beloved Brother-If Tears Could Build..."
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